Following the fantastic success of our Superhero Week last February, the superheroes are set to return to Jump Factory again for Superhero Week Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June! They will be visiting jumpers at our mini jump sessions 9am to 11am Monday-Friday. We only have a limited number of spaces at our Superhero mini jump so be sure to book now to avoid disappointment!

Spiderman, Batman and one of the Power Rangers will be here to help bounce away crime, and if that's not exciting enough - there will even be a very special guest appearance from the one and only Captain America! Considering the excitement surrounding our last Superhero Week, this event is sure to be a big success with the mini jumpers. 

We're encouraging all mini jumpers to get their best superhero costumes out and join in with all the Superhero fun activities we will be hosting at Jump Factory. We will also be awarding the best-dressed Superhero of the week a £20 gift voucher - so now is your chance to go that extra mile! There is also sure to be lots of photo opportunities with the superheroes, so this truly will be a day to remember.

Here's a little look at all the fun we had at the last Superhero Week:

We hope to see you at Jump Factory this Superhero Week! To book your slot at this fantastic event, you can book online or call us on 01256 327 772. Take note that our superhero events take place at the 9am to 11am mini jump session each day, so book this session to join in with the fun!

Father and Son

Father’s Day is almost here, so make sure you don’t forget to show your dad just how much you care with something a bit special this Sunday 18th of June! To help you with your ideas for Father’s Day, we wanted to give something back to all the great dads by offering them a completely free pass in our BOGOF offer this Father’s Day. That's right - you can get your dad a fantastic gift without having to spend a penny of your own money. To top it off the BOGOF offer also extends to other friends and family members making it a complete treat for all the family!

Perfect for those active and fun loving Dads that never fully grew up, Jump Factory offers a variety of different activities that will keep your dad smiling this Father’s Day. From Basketball to Dodgeball (while on the trampolines, of course) our indoor trampoline park has plenty to offer when it comes to ideas for Father’s Day.

Jump Factory Activities

We even have a lovely little café for you to cool down in after your jump session, complete with fresh fruit smoothies and a selection of delicious cakes that are sure to top the day off nicely. So for Father's Day this year, why not come on down to Jump Factory and claim your BOGOF pass for a family fun day out! 

If you are interested in booking your BOGOF Father's Day pass to Jump Factory this 18th of June call us on 01256 327 772 quoting DADS241. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

We've got lots of amazing attractions here at Jump Factory, but the star of the show has to be our Walk the Wall area! This unique set-up is designed to allow our visitors to experience the daring thrill of free running, in combination with an exhilarating boost from our competition-standard trampolines! 

Our Walk the Wall area is a firm favourite amongst Jump Factory visitors, particularly Chase Armitage, founder of amazing Parkour team, 3RUN. If you head over to Chase's Instagram page, you're sure to find lots of videos of him trying out some truly impressive, gravity defying moves, as he leaps and flips his way from trampoline to the wall's edge with incredible accuracy.

Chase in action at Jump Factory:

Of course, we realise the vast majority of our visitors would find it strenuous to even think about pulling off some of these amazing moves, but that doesn't mean that they can't enjoy our Walk the Wall area too! Even without the knowledge and physical capability needed to execute the amazing flips and tricks performed by our most experienced guests, visitors can still enjoy the challenge of our Walk the Wall area! 

Why not take on the challenge of making it to the top? You'll need lots of height to make it, but our super charged trampolines are sure to give you the boost you need once you've mastered your technique! If you're feeling more adventurous but aren't quite ready to aim for the main wall yet, you can also practice your moves on our smaller side walls, in order to perfect your technique and build up your confidence.

Remember, trampolining helps to build strength whilst improving your balance and coordination, so be sure to include the rest of our park in your trampoline training too! 

To try out our Walk the Wall challenge for yourself, book a session at Jump Factory today!


NOTE: Please do not attempt to “walk the wall” until you’ve honed your skills to the required level. All jumpers must be responsible and follow the instructions of the safety briefing. Please make sure you follow the directions of the Jump Marshals and sign a waiver online before you jump.

When it comes to exercise, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be running. In a world where exercising at the gym can cost a small fortune, running is usually seen as the cheapest and the most effective way to get fit quick.

However, if you’re not fond of this form of exercise (and many of us are not) you’ll be happy to know that there are many great alternatives to running. Although running is a great form of cardio, it is notoriously hard on your knees, ankles and even your back. There is also ongoing research which supports the notion that maybe running is not the best option when it comes to taking your exercise seriously. For example, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that those who run more than 4 hours a week are at the same risk of dying as those who do little to no exercise. 

So, to make it easier for you, we have put together our top 5 alternatives to running which will help you get into tip-top shape before the first day of summer sun.


If you love the outdoors but running is just not for you, cycling is a fantastic alternative to running. If outdoors is not your thing either, maybe a spin class is for you! Cycling truly is a versatile alternative to running. Rumour has it that spin classes also burn more calories than a standard run outside and it is far less harsh on your joints, too.


If you’re suffering from running-related ailments, swimming is here to cure you. Freed from the usual gravity and pressure, your body is able to thrive when exercising in water. Using swimming as an alternative to running means you can choose the intensity of your workout each time; whether that’s a few gentle laps across the pool or some intense aqua aerobic classes.

Walking on an Incline

If you’re seeking an alternative to running but can’t quite pry yourself away from the treadmill yet, walking on an incline can be just as challenging as a run. Try setting your treadmill to the maximum incline setting and watch as those calories shred before your eyes. Depending on the incline and the speed, it is possible to burn up to 600 calories per hour. Softer on the joints too, this alternative is a definite winner.

The Elliptical Machine

Allowing you to mimic the same motions, there’s a good reason the elliptical trainer is a popular alternative to running. This popular machine is perfect for low-impact training and depending on the incline and resistance, you can burn just as many calories as you would if you were running. The higher you set the resistance, the more you will be able to tone your legs too. It’s a win-win situation.


In a 1980 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, it was found that both running and bouncing on a trampoline produced similar heart rate levels and calorie burning rates, but trampolining produced significantly less stress on the heart. This means that trampolining is also a fantastic alternative to running. It also impacts your bones and joints less than running (plus it is much more fun - if we do say so ourselves!).

To try out one of our recommended alternatives to running, book a session with us at Jump Factory!